Aussie mum charged with manslaughter over toddler’s death

Posted October 01, 2018 11:00:22 A Melbourne mother who allegedly left her toddler with an out-of-control dog has been charged with causing his death.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard the boy was left unsupervised and neglected at a home on the Gold Coast after his mother had a breakdown.

The mother was remanded in custody on $250,000 bail.

Police allege the boy suffered severe head injuries after he was left unattended in a dog crate for three days.

They allege he was found by a neighbour with a broken nose and a large cut to his head.

The toddler was left in the dog crate and the dog, which was still in the crate, kicked the child in the head and shoulder.

Magistrate Mark Smith said the child was left for three consecutive days in the “inappropriate and dangerous” position without food, water or any other means of shelter.

“He had a large wound on his face and a cut on his shoulder,” Mr Smith said.

“The child suffered severe trauma.

His head and face were not protected, and he had been left in a crate.”

He said the boy had been placed in a vehicle with a dog carrier and a dog.

“This is a tragic incident, but the court can see this as a child suffering,” he said.

Magistrates also heard the mother had been charged by the Victoria Police Department with two counts of neglect.

The court heard the father, who was a probation officer, had been with the woman since the child’s birth.

The father was remitted to custody after being charged in October 2018 and is due back in court on November 25.

The Magistrates’ Court heard police were called to the house at 7.30pm on November 3 and found the child unresponsive in the backyard.

“It was obvious to me the child had been neglected and there was no attempt to resuscitate him,” prosecutor Richard Cocker said.

The boy was taken to a hospital where he died three days later.

He had suffered a fractured skull and lacerations on his head, neck and face.

Mags court heard officers did not find the child with a leash or other means to restrain the dog.

He was then put in a small dog crate, but a second child was not allowed to go out, so the mother could keep the boy.

A post-mortem examination revealed the child died of “inconclusive” causes.

Mr Smith remanded the woman in custody until her next court appearance on November 29.

Magdertown lawyer Matthew Pritchard said the case had been made into a murder case.

“You would think there would be some form of intervention for the child and that he would have been supervised and protected from the dog,” he told the ABC.

“Instead, the mother is charged with failing to ensure a safe home environment for her child.”

The mother is not even charged with having a dog or a dog’s collar, but rather for leaving him unattended on the dog bed for three nights.

“He also said the woman was a repeat offender and the father was a dangerous offender.

Magdalena’s daughter was charged with cruelty causing serious harm.

The child’s mother, a police officer, has not been charged.

I’ve never met the woman, I’ve not spoken to her,” she said.”

I’ve seen the reports from the police officer.

I’ve never met the woman, I’ve not spoken to her,” she said.