Irish farmer on the brink of bankruptcy as drought causes a severe shortage of bread

The Irish farmer who is struggling to keep his business afloat after a dry winter has admitted he will have to close his doors by the end of the month.

The news comes after the Irish Times reported last week that the Irish government is considering shutting down most of the country’s farming operations due to a lack of food. 

According to the newspaper, the government has warned that the shortage of food could leave farmers unable to feed their families in a year’s time. 

In its latest report, the Irish Government said the Irish Wheat Board’s food production will have a negative impact on the country, while the National Farmers’ Federation said the country could face a food shortage by next spring.

“The government has taken the precautionary measures necessary to minimise the negative impact of a lack in the supply of wheat,” the NFU said in a statement.

The situation in Ireland has become dire this year, with the Irish Weather Bureau forecasting the country will be hit by a severe winter in May. 

The Weather Bureau has also warned that conditions are likely to deteriorate further by mid-May.