How to make a new life in the UK? With a ‘no-brainer’

Here are some tips for making your dream of becoming a new resident of the UK a reality.1.

You must be able to afford to live in the country, and you need a job to support yourself2.

You will need to pay for your own housing, childcare, car payments, etc.3.

You need a green card to stay, and be eligible for a passport.4.

You can work, but you must not be employed in the NHS, police or armed forces.5.

You cannot live alone, even if you are employed as a nurse.6.

You are required to pay tax on your earnings.7.

You may have to apply for a work permit.8.

You have to provide health insurance, or pay for it yourself.9.

You don’t need a residence permit, even though it is a condition of getting a job in the United Kingdom.10.

You do not need a work visa if you have worked in India or other Asian countries, and have been recognised as an Indian.11.

You require an income tax return to be filed in India.12.

You only need to prove that you have been able to pay income tax in the last five years.13.

You also need a tax identification number if you work in India and the UK.14.

You still need to obtain a British passport to live and work in the European Union.15.

You apply for work permits, but must pay taxes on the earnings.16.

You’ll need to work a minimum of 10 hours a week for at least six months.17.

You’re required to provide proof of your UK citizenship.18.

You won’t be allowed to move from India for 12 months after your arrival.19.

You pay for all the food and housing in the home.20.

You live in a one-room flat.21.

You’ve to get a licence from the local authority to operate a business.22.

You get a work-based health insurance for the first time.23.

You stay at least a month at your new home.24.

You move to the UK for a minimum term of six months to start a business and get a UK passport.25.

You qualify for a permanent residency permit.26.

You meet the other requirements to become a British citizen.27.

You travel for six months without having to pay taxes.28.

You receive a UK jobseeker’s allowance and a jobseekers’ benefit for the next six months as long as you meet all the other criteria.29.

You work in your home country for at leasable hours.30.

You provide your own accommodation and are eligible for food and other essentials provided by your host country.31.

You and your spouse are not required to take up a home-based job.32.

You remain a resident in the host country for three years.33.

You earn at least £21,000 per year.34.

You repay your UK education debt.35.

You take a job offer in your host-country for six to eight months.36.

You contribute to the local economy.37.

You gain a residence licence for a period of two years.38.

You become eligible for an income support pension for at most four years.39.

You obtain a UK travel insurance certificate and a visa.40.

You acquire an English language certificate for your host, and an English-language certificate for yourself.41.

You register for a visa at the Home Office.42.

You submit to a health checkup.43.

You use the internet and use the NHS.44.

You complete an income assessment.45.

You give a medical examination.46.

You send your fingerprints to the National Crime Agency.47.

You return to the host-nation for a further six to 12 months.48.

You file a social security claim.49.

You enroll in a new apprenticeship program.50.

You attend a social work training course.51.

You visit a hospice or hospice in your country of origin.52.

You go on a business trip to another host-countries.53.

You make a formal application for British citizenship.54.

You pass a physical exam.55.

You demonstrate that you can speak the language of your host.56.

You prove that your parent or legal guardian has permission to work in Britain.57.

You show you have enough money to cover a £5,000 deposit.58.

You declare your income on your tax return.59.

You present evidence to the authorities that you are in the process of getting your passport.60.

You satisfy the UK Border Agency that you’re a British national.61.

You comply with the Home and Immigration rules for working in the territory.62.

You lodge a declaration of intent to remain and to work.63.

You renew your UK passport and submit a tax statement.64.

You sign a declaration