Which U.S. cities are among the top in the world?

The top 10 cities in the World Ranking of Human Development and Opportunity by the United Nations, 2016 are the following: 1.

Chicago 2.

Boston 3.

Los Angeles 4.

New York 5.

San Francisco 6.

Philadelphia 7.

Washington, D.C. 8.

San Diego 9.

Boston 10.


(This ranking, which includes all U.N. countries, was published by the U. N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and not the United States Department of State or other U. S. agencies.)

The top cities are based on the total population of the city, the total GDP per capita and median income.

The list is based on information from United Nations Office for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) data for each city, based on data from the World Bank, U. Nations Statistical Division, World Bank World Economic Forum, Unaudited National Accounts, United Nations Population Division, United Nation Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Bureau of the Census and Statistics, World Factbook, Bureau for Economic and Financial Statistics (BFS), United Nations Economic and Development Authority (UNEFDA), and United Nations Statistical Commission for Western Hemisphere and East African Region (UNESEA).

All figures are in billions of dollars.

According to the BFS, the Uptown, the city that includes the city of Chicago, the most populated in the U, has a population of 1,008,821, or 9.5 percent of the world’s population.

New York has a total population that is 1,062,958, or 12.3 percent of its total population.

Los Angles has a per capita GDP of $49,857, or 3.4 percent of that of the U and Chicago has a GDP per person of $35,907, or 4.1 percent of total population, according to the United Nation Population Division.

In the United Kingdom, London has a gross per capita gross domestic product of $39,903, or 11.2 percent of UK population, and Chicago had a GDP of about $43,000, according the Unaidited National Account.

For the Uuptown, Chicago has the highest median household income of $81,726, according data from U.K. government statistics.

On the other hand, Boston had the lowest median household household income at $56,858, according U. K. government data.

Houston has a median household salary of $60,000 in the United Arab Emirates, which is a little lower than Chicago’s $71,700, according BFS data. 

Los Angeles has the second-highest median household wage in the country at $71.50, according research from BFS. 

The City of Houston has the third-highest total per capita income in the city at $65,827, according federal data.

Houston has a relatively small proportion of people who earn more than $75,000 per year, but is the second city in the nation to do so.

“Houston has the best public safety record in the region, with over 300 homicides per 100,000 people,” according to BFS research.

Dallas has the fourth-highest per capita incomes in the entire United States at $61,200, according government data, while Washington, DC, has the fifth-highest, at $54,000. 

San Francisco has the sixth-highest in the whole country at an average income of about ($51,500) per person per year.

Chicago had the seventh-highest income, at an approximate $59,500, according an estimate from Bespoke Investment Research.

Los Angeles had the eighth-highest average household income in California at $55,200.

Chicago has had a strong performance in the health sector, with the fifth most per capita health expenditures among all U