How to wear a full-body ‘wet’ outfit, but not with a towel, according to the ‘Wetty-Woofers’ guide

You can probably see where this is going, but what if you’re just about to embark on a trip, and you don’t want to put on any clothes?

You’re not alone.

According to a new guide, here are 10 tips to get you ready for your adventure.


Choose your own adventure You’ll probably find yourself with an adventurous wardrobe before you even set foot in the hotel.

‘Wetting’ or ‘wool-wetting’ can be a good way to add some warmth to your otherwise-dry attire, and it can also help you shed extra weight.

So, if you want to dress like a man or woman, you can probably pick up a few items to go along with it.

‘If you want a more relaxed look, a cotton shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair to wear underneath is the way to go,’ says the guide.

The guide also advises you to wear cotton t-shirts and trousers that won’t feel too warm, as ‘wicking’ garments can get uncomfortably hot.

‘You may also want to invest in a cotton and polyester jacket and a light grey sweater for warmer days,’ it advises.

‘For cooler days, a sweater and black t-shirt is a good choice.’


Look for the best weather to wear clothes on 2.

Dress with style If you’re going for a more casual look, you might want to avoid wearing a traditional blazer or dress shirt.

‘A blazer is a great way to get dressed for a trip and make sure you have a pair on when you get to the hotel, but if you plan on travelling with a more formal outfit, it may be best to stick to a suit, or a pair or a blazer,’ the guide advises.

The advice also suggests that you don´t wear a suit at all, as it may ‘look too formal’.

‘For men, a suit with a tailored silhouette will work well, and suits with pockets and pockets in the front can be very flattering,’ it adds.


Dress for weather and time of year ‘When you are travelling in winter, dress in a dark colour and wear a hooded top.

It will also be a great time of the year to wear something simple, like a jacket or a T-shirt, for when the weather gets colder,’ it says.

‘It can also be useful to bring some layers over your clothing to avoid the chill.’


Buy a hat or coat with sleeves ‘If wearing a coat, be sure to have a few layers of the same colour or to have some other piece of clothing with sleeves, like an overcoat, to help keep the cold out,’ the advice says.


Wash your clothes ‘Washing is a key part of your trip, so you may want to wash your clothes before you head out to the beach or on your own property, and to ensure they are clean and dry,’ it warns.


Wear a towel to dry Your ‘dryer lids can help keep your clothes looking fresh when you’re travelling and drying them on a hot surface can help your clothes look as fresh as possible, too.

‘Drying a wet towel will make sure that the clothes look dry and you can put them in the dryer for a quick and easy dry cycle,’ the tip suggests.


Don’t let your clothes hang around too long The guide says to avoid hanging your clothes around your neck or waist, or hanging them in a bag while you’re away from the hotel if you don�t plan on going out.

‘Instead, go with a dry shirt and jeans and a jacket with a zipper or pocket on it to keep your bags dry and your clothes dry and warm,’ it suggests.


Wear layers on your clothes If you want something a little more versatile, consider wearing layers on each garment.

‘The main thing is to take care when you go out to a beach, so make sure your layers are comfortable and you will have a good idea what you are wearing when you arrive at the hotel,’ the Guide advises.


Wear hats and sunglasses ‘Wearing a hat makes it easier to blend into the crowd, and helps to keep you cool,’ it explains.

‘As well as adding a layer of warmth, a hat can also add a bit of colour to your look.

‘Make sure you wear the same hat every day, and do not wear any layers.’


Wear waterproof shoes ‘Wear waterproof shoes and boots to keep the water out, as they help to keep clothes dry, as well as help to maintain your shape,’ the rule says.