How to Get Healthy Without Dr. Welt

It was a big night for a new product called “Dr. Weilt.”

The product, developed by a company called “Hives for Dr. Wels,” was the first of a wave of new products aimed at preventing bed bugs and other bed-bug problems.

It comes with a $25 coupon and a box of 20 microfiber towels.

“HIVES for Dr Wels is going to make it so you don’t have to use bed bugs anymore,” said Dr. John Cappo, CEO of “HIVE,” which is a division of the healthcare giant HBS.

“The product has really been around for a while and has really shown that bed bugs can be eliminated.”

Dr. Cappos wife was diagnosed with the bug in 2013.

He said his wife is now a healthy, happy person.

He hopes his product will reduce the number of bed-bugs in hospitals.

Dr. Chris Weldenberger, who works for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said bed-wetting and bed bug control is one of the top causes of deaths in the U.S. He’s a doctor at a hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, and he said the product has helped save countless lives.

“There is no better thing in my life than saving lives,” said Weldensberger, adding that he’s been to multiple hospitals where bed-welders were infected and given antibiotics to combat the infection.

“But bed bugs are so prevalent in hospitals, that they are very, very, costly.”


Capps wife and husband, both in their 60s, have spent years fighting the bugs.

They said the products are just the beginning.

“I’m just going to go out there and say that bed-warms are something that’s not going to be around forever,” said Cappon.

“That’s what the bed-warmers are going to do.”

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