How to Protect Your Poison Ivy from Poison Ivy and other Ivy Threats

Ivy is a very hard plant to eradicate, but once it’s there, it’s a whole different ball game.

Its a very toxic plant.

It can grow up to 6 feet tall and take up to 15 inches to reach a leaf.

This leaves its seeds hanging around, so you have to get a little creative to get rid of it.

This is where the word poison ivy comes from.

Ivy is an invasive plant that is hard to control.

Its so hard to eradicate that there is a lot of confusion about what to do with it.

Here’s a quick list of things to consider.

What to do if you find a Poison Ivy?

How to remove a Poison ivy:The best way to remove Poison ivys is to destroy the root and stem.

The stem can be removed by drilling a hole in it.

If you want to take it down, you will need to drill a small hole in the root to allow the root access.

You can also remove the root by drilling into the top of the stem and pulling it down.

The root can be dislodged by cutting it off with a sharp blade.

Once the root has been removed, you can then remove the plant from the soil by simply watering it.

Once the root is gone, it can be planted in your yard or garden.

You may also want to plant poison ivys in your gardens if you want them to become self-sustaining.

This article originally appeared on Breitbart News.