This is what the world’s most expensive solar panels look like from space, according to a new video

source Business Insider (UK)(CNN)A new video by a Dutch company shows what it says is the world first view of a solar panel mounted on a spacecraft.

The company, Aeon Energy, says the view is a “real-time tour of how our solar panels are made and how we can control the flow of electricity from them.”

The video was released on Tuesday and features footage from the first time the Aeon team was able to take a photo of a spacecraft using a 3D scanner.

The video shows how the solar panels were attached to the spacecraft, and how it looks like it’s being scanned by the scanner.

“When you’re looking at the sun, you can see a lot of the sunlight that is reflected by the Earth,” Aeon CEO Dirk Eger told CNN.

“So we are trying to understand what is the way that this light is being transmitted and how the energy is being converted.”

Eger added that the panels have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours and will be able to last a decade.

According to Aeon, the solar panel is about 0.3 meters in diameter, which is roughly the width of a human hair.

Aeon is not the only company working on a similar solar project.

A Japanese company called SoftBank Corp. has also launched a spacecraft that can generate electricity from sunlight.